European Marketing

About: provides the distribution of current information of specific interest, to those looking to promote their businesses in particular, within the Property, Travel and Leisure industries.

Emanating from years of personal marketing knowledge within these sectors, we offer you the opportunity to reach pre-qualified leads with which to expand your businesses profile.

This is a “win-win” situation, as identified recipients of the personalised newsletters sent to them by us on your behalf, are keen to know about old and new innovative ways of marketing their product/ businesses and to keep up to date regarding new routes to market, ensuring their brand reaches the attention of their identified potential buyers, facilitating the opportunity to achieve sales.

We can work with you to promote awareness of your company’s brand and assist in generating those sometimes elusive, important sales leads. Our specialist areas are digital and print media PR together with social networking, blogging and webchats, therefore catering for a wide spectrum of opportunities to expand your horizons.

European Marketing values the content we publish on this website and we actively encourage bloggers to submit their work to us as we seek to provide a platform for talented writers with an interest in our specific areas of interest.

We strive to produce content that is of relevance to our growing readership, including reporting on news stories that other agencies of this kind have missed or simply do not feel is of relevance.

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We now also provide business development advice, with the aim of helping SMEs who may be new to the world of business and need a helping hand on what to do next. If this is what you are after, look no further than our Business Advice page.