How to make an effective Infographic

This inforgraphic shows how to make an effective Infographic. It looks at SOME of the methods used and some general guidelines that you may, or may not, wish to follow.

(What is an infographic?)

How to make and effective infograph

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What is an Infographic?

The best way to think about an infographic is a graphic presentation designed to lead the reader through various data, statistics and facts. They are generally used to make a specific point, re-enforced by the graphic based statistics, essentially a visual story. They are considered to be effective as the brain processes images faster than text. As such they are a great means of presenting an argument in a simple fast and effective way. However as with any presentation you must be sure that any figures are well researched and that you guide your audience through the story in an efficient and enjoyable way. The key to a successful infogrpahic is thorough planing. This involves extremely thorough fact checking, story boarding and planning of all aspects. There is no formula to make the perfect infographic however if you stick to these general rules and use interesting/relevant information then you could be in luck. The infograph hosted on offers some insight into how to make an effective infographic in terms of the design practices, however it is vital that you look into practices for the content itself as well!

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