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The rise in the use of social media advertising has become more and more noticeable, with almost every industry adopting the medium.

Whether it’s BBC News encouraging viewers to tweet them their stories or smaller businesses trying to build a local audience, it’s clear that social media flows through the veins of almost all advertising.

However, some businesses are investing a lot more than others in social media advertising, considering it a worthy marketing investment. It’s estimated that the global spend on social media marketing in 2012 was a massive $7.72 billion!

Western Europe is believed to have contributed $1.89 billion of this estimate. Furthermore, these figures are set to increase with the predicted global spend of 2013 forecast to be around $10.24 billion with a predicated $2.37 billion input from Western Europe.

These figures show that social media is no longer just considered a social platform for people to post photos and express their opinions.

Visualisation of statistics

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Some of the top companies have invested billions of dollars from their marketing budget into social media. For example, in 2012, AT&T (Telecommunications) were the biggest spenders investing a huge $12.9 billion into their social media advertising.

Microsoft came second with $4 billion spent on their campaigns. According to figures, the main aim of using social media is to raise brand awareness with a secondary objective of driving traffic to sites and making sales – the main platform for these campaigns being Facebook followed by YouTube and then Twitter.

Clearly there has been a huge global investment into social media advertising. It doesn’t look like this will be changing anytime soon with figures predicated to be on the rise.

Not only does social media advertising offer access to a world wide audience, it now offers advertisers the opportunity to reach their intended audience.

Since users give Facebook varied levels of personal details, including personal interests, advertisers can exploit this; targeting people who are most likely to be interested in their company/product.

Companies would be nothing short of behind the times if they did not exploit this platform to reach out to their potential audience.

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