Why mail marketing is still relevant

Marketing trends come and go. Nowadays, everyone’s abuzz with social media and whatnot. But what about ‘classic’ marketing campaigns like direct mail marketing? Are mailing houses soon to become remnants of the glory days of marketing? Let’s take a look at how direct mail marketing could benefit your business.

The Statistics Speak
Let’s take a look at the statistics first. Direct mail has a 4.4 percent response rate. This may not seem much but it’s definitely higher than industry expectations. Not only that, but direct mail has a higher chance of actually being read as opposed to its virtual brother, which is email.

The USPS gathered data say that 78% of all households in America at least scan their mail pieces regardless of whether it’s personally sent to them or it’s just a real life equivalent of spam. A lot of marketers found that thanks to the high response rate of direct mail, combining it with online marketing campaigns produced the highest response rate. This proves to be a stunning bit of statistics as it only goes to show the amazing staying power of direct mail marketing.

Competitive Bundles
Mailing houses and the great USPS are offering direct mail packages that can effectively rival its digital marketing counterparts. Despite the seemingly higher cost of direct mail pieces, at the end of the day, the ROI is definitely greater for direct mail as opposed to its seemingly cheap, social media counterparts.

It Brings Back the Good Old Days
Direct mail marketing is no doubt a classic marketing campaign. Thanks to this fact, it’s now considered as an excellent way of bringing in the big guns when it comes to special occasions and holidays, whether national or not.

If you want to truly take advantage of a holiday, direct mail pieces are observed to generate a lot more response and buzz as opposed to its other marketing siblings. Thanks to new technology, recreating the same mail piece for Valentine’s Day isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Even if you have to reproduce a thousand mail pieces in a day, it isn’t that hard a thing to do thanks to today’s heavy-duty printers and print-related paraphernalia.

Tried, Tested, and Trusted
The number one reason why mail marketing still reigns supreme is because of the fact that it’s one of the most tried & tested and trusted of all marketing campaigns there is. Its no-fail formula brings all the ingredients necessary for a suitably personal marketing campaign. It’s not too intrusive but it’s not too general either. It’s arguably the original “responsive” marketing campaign in that the readers actually respond! If you want the full mailing house package, why not try print&mail4u as it’s one’s of the most efficient mailing houses to date.


Marinelli Aribon’s interest in design and marketing began when she was tasked to create an advertising campaign for her family’s dog kenneling business. Now working full-time for PIN Agency, Marinelli is always excited to share innovative ideas for utilizing the print and mail services offered by PrintandMail4U.com.

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